Enter the Secret Place!

He who dwells in THE SECRET PLACE of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. (Psalm 91:1)

The Secret Place Series is a set of books containing "Contemporary Classic" daily devotions for women with words of time-tested encouragement—messages of hope for every day of the year. These devotions will help women to more fully experience a victorious, abundant, and joy-filled life. Speaking on wisdom, overcoming, spiritual anointing and authority, purpose and destiny, and many other topics, Anna Alden-Tirrill quotes from over 150 women of faith throughout the centuries up to the present day. She has designed each devotion to take you to your next level of intimacy with God and release you into your destiny—God's plan and purpose for your life.

I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine.
(Song of Solomon 6:3)

Intimacy with God and the joy and strength that only He can provide can seem out of reach when clouds overshadow our days. This collection of 20+ centuries of prayer, praise, and inspiration includes some of the most encouraging words ever written by women of faith. You'll be reminded that God's love, grace, and faithfulness transcend the storms of life. Anna Alden-Tirrill's bestselling compilation captures biblical truths and ageless wisdom that has endured throughout all time. These daily meditations will touch your heart and encourage you in your walk with the Lord.

It is the voice of my Beloved! He knocks, saying, Open for me My love" (Song of Solomon 5:2).

Intimacy with God produces more than head-knowledge, Bible-knowledge, church-knowledge, or religious-knowledge. Intimacy with God is an experience of entering into a deep, meaningful relationship with your Heavenly Bridegroom. Just like in a marriage relationship, intimacy always increases true love. It results in greater fulfillment, vitality, and joy, leading to an overcoming and abundant life.

These books are a collection of quotes from women of faith throughout the centuries up to the present day. It was written to help the women of today deal with the stresses and challenges of our modern world. The milestones along the pathway of women's spiritual journeys both then and now have not changed. It is hoped that the legacy and the words of these sisters in the faith will affirm, encourage, edify, and inspire the reader in her own spiritual journey.


There was not one day’'s entry in these daily devotionals, Deep Calls Unto Deep and Enter His Gates, that did not leave me with more hope, more love for God, and a greater desire to spend more time with Him. I can’'t say I’'ve ever read a devotional like these! I remember other devotionals that may have had good things to say, and some day’'s entries were usually better than others. But these devotionals are consistent, on a page-by-page basis, in their power to change your thoughts to those in line with God’'s thoughts. It’'s like having a coach at your side saying, "“Come on! I am here for you! You CAN make it!”" I know these books have the anointed hand of God upon them, and they never fail to lift me up and out of any negativity the enemy is trying to put on me! These books “break the yoke” by speaking God'’s Word and God’'s truth to my spirit. I highly recommend them.”

Cheryl Thomas, Virginia Beach, VA

"The Secret Place Devotions for Women Series" by Anna Alden-Tirrill is an absolutely delightful devotional series. With clarity, strong theological doctrine, and ease of reading and comprehension, you will be taken on a journey as never before. If you want a devotional that will take you deeper in your journey and allow you to dig deeper than you have before, then these are the books for you. Each devotion is only one page and takes only minutes to read, but you could spend much longer just contemplating all the information. I know I did.

Shirley Rempel, A Mom After God's Own Heart

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"The Secret Place Devotions for Women Series" by Anna Alden-Tirrill are devotional books that are rich in content and spiritual insight. The books are compiled of a collection of quotes from women of faith throughout the centuries up to the present day.

The Series is written for women and each page is a complete devotion. Anna Alden-Tirrill uses the wise insight of the women she quotes and then "fleshes" out the thought with wisdom of her own. These books was "written to help the women of today deal with the stresses and challenges of our modern world."

The books are not a quick and easy read. They are thoughtful, deep, and moving. They are reminiscent of books by Tozer and Chambers (My Utmost For His Highest). These books hooked me on the first sentence. They are books that I read and then have to put down for awhile, as I mull and ponder what I have read. There is a depth in them that makes them the kind of resource books I like to reach for again and again.

I prefer books like these as a devotional, as they are more contemplative with nuggets of gold sprinkled throughout their many pages. These books not only fed my soul, but increased my hunger for Him.

Maria Egilsson, Deeper Devotion Blog

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